Nuvaira: Revolutionary therapy that blasts 80°C radiofrequency into defective lung nerves could help thousands of sufferers with severe asthma

06 June 2019

Nuvaira deploys a ground-breaking therapy called targeted lung denervation.  It’s based on the discovery that a faulty nerve that runs from the brain to the lungs may be partly to blame for asthma flare-ups. For many years, the illness was thought to be due solely to the immune system overreacting to allergens – such as […]

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Vertex Growth invests in Nuvaira’s $79 million equity financing round

11 February 2019

Nuvaira, a developer of novel therapeutic medical devices to treat obstructive lung diseases, is developing the Nuvaira Lung Denervation System to address chronic lung diseases by treating the overactive airway nerves with Targeted Lung Denervation (TLD). Nuvaira’s Lung Denervation System is a novel catheter-based medical device, which has the potential to fill a large and […]

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