Vertex Growth invests in PerimeterX’s $43 million equity financing round

February 12, 2019

PerimeterX develops a scalable, behaviour-based bot protection solution with predictive detection for web, mobile and APIs. Its core product, PX Bot Defender, offers “bot protection-as-a-service,” safeguarding online services from account takeover attacks, scraping, checkout abuse, carding attacks and marketing fraud. To stop bot attacks, PerimeterX detects anomalies in user behaviour by approaching detection on three layers—network, application, and user. The solution looks at attributes like mouse movements and swipes. It also analyses the hardware to understand the graphics driver and audio driver of whatever device the bot is purporting to be.

Vertex Growth invested in PerimeterX’s $43 million equity financing round, alongside new investors such as Scale Venture Partners and Adams Street Partners and the existing investors who made further follow-on investment in the company (e.g. Canaan Partners, Vertex Ventures US and Data Collective). The company plans on using the funds raised to expand its platform – it currently offers a bot detection and protection platform – and expand into new markets and verticals.

With the rise of bot attacks in recent years, PerimeterX provides a solution that is able to detect anomalies and bot attacks in real-time and with unparalleled accuracy. PerimeterX’s bot mitigation solution analyses for its customers tens of billions of events daily and prevents bot attacks launched from dozens of countries around the world utilising millions of IP addresses and IP enabled-devices. Its platform integrates seamlessly with multiple components of a company’s technology infrastructure including websites, mobile apps, content delivery networks, eCommerce engines and middleware and can be onboarded by customers with minimal disruption and zero downtime. Its success is proven by its rapidly growing revenues, which has increased by over 3,000% in the past two years.

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